Treaures on Canvas
The art of Cris Woloszak

Cris was born in New York City in 1973. He spent his childhood in two different worlds – the tropical paradise of South Florida, where he spent most of his time as a youth surfing the pristine beaches along the east coast of Florida and the city life of "New York City", those experiences introduced him to different passions – "Hot rods and the Ocean". "I guess you can say my love for the artistic craft started when my father would bring me to car shows when I was just a young boy," says Cris, "At one of the car shows I was impressed and specifically remember a design artistically painted on a 1932 Ford. The black ghost flames and candy teal on the car created such a lasting impression that I fell in love with the art of candy color painting ever since."

Unlike most artists, Cris Woloszak did not attend a prestigious school for art. Instead he became a self-educated artist on a relentless path to success. He started his career by painting cars and motorcycles in order to earn a living, however he always had aspirations of becoming a renowned artist in his field.

Cris Woloszak
A Beautiful Beginning

In 2005, Cris established the "Jaws of Fire" Art Project. He started applying his artistic craft with conceptual candy color concepts onto various sharks, rays, and fish constructed out of fiberglass molds that represented the actual species. The project became an immediate success in galleries with collectors. His artwork today is currently represented by a number of notable galleries throughout the State of Florida and Hawaii. By remaining the same passionate innovator, Cris created a line of Polynesian Tiki masks with five major elements, "Tiki of Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit". The Tiki masks have been well received in the art market and Cris has expanded his program, to include a variety of sizes for his collectors. In addition, Cris recently released his book "The Art of Cris Woloszak." The book he published has a variety of depictions of his artwork and species from the ocean.

Aloha Nui Loa

In addition, in 2012 Cris was approved to paint Disney metal artwork. Cris in collaboration with collector’s editions has been focusing recently on his metal paintings producing a collection of entertaining artwork using his candy colors and chasing method on the metal to create an unusual reflective illusion on the aluminum panels he uses to produce the Disney images. Carrying out classic Disney stories in an unusual way by using candy colors, enamel, and aluminum, allows him to create a dazzling three-dimensional effect.

Cris’ approach to art is innovative. Moreover, his modern contemporary design provides an extravagant and compelling look in a different dimension. "Everything can use a little imagination, color and creativity," says Cris. "I can’t wait for what my imagination allows me to create next."

An Invitation to Color

A Swing for Two

A Walk in the Park

Celebrating Us

Colorful Dynasty

Curse of the Sea Witch

Donald's Welcome

Garden Fairy

Goofy's Welcome

Infinite Love

Lady in Red

Maleficent's Wicked Intentions

Midnight Romance

Minnie's Welcome

Moonlit Appetite

Power of the Apprentice

Pride in the Kingdom

Snow White's Romantic Journey

Villainous Deeds

Wish I Could Be